Durarara!!SH: Afterword




And with that, Durarara!!’s new series Durarara!!SH has begun!
This volume and the next will be a two-part installation, but after that I believe that unlike Durarara!! the volumes will essentially be self-contained, perhaps a series of associated works. It would be my pleasure if the Durarara!! world, with all of its various types of events, although now slightly different, brings enjoyment.
All three new students are eccentric, but being successors to the Durarara!! characters, just as how readers have loved and hated the characters up till now, it was with many frustrations, and some fun at times, that they were written.
Mizuchi Yahiro, Tatsugami Himeka, Kotonami Kuon. The names of these three have certain origins, but that will be addressed in other afterwords later on (though those living in the North and especially around Akita may have already realised instantly).
Whether this new work will be the superfluous addition to Durarara!! or whether it will become the snake’s hands and evolve it to a dragon will be left to everyone, as readers, to judge, I think. As I will work my best to make it the latter, please continue your support from now on as well…!
※The author’s intent was to have SH be an abbreviation of Snake Hands, but I feel it would be great if it could be interpreted otherwise , like Super Hard or Sonohara-san’s H!, et cetera. Please embrace various SH’s of your own!

Now… through the book jacket and other sources it should be known already by the time I say this, I think, but… production of the new Durarara!! anime has been confirmed!!
Yes… I won’t specify exactly how many years, but plans for this were already in the workings a few years ago. But gathering the same line-up of the excellent staff and cast of the original took some time… At any rate, for being able to present a new Durarara!! anime with the former director and scriptwriter, production company, and cast exactly as they were, I am unendingly grateful.
It is thanks to everyone who supported the initial Dura anime that we can announce a new anime now. To those who remained fans of Durarara!! even as the times changed, and those who read the novels and asked, persistently, “When’s Dura season two?” – I apologise for being unable to answer up till now. And thank you so much!
I do not know how much I can reveal exactly and am extremely uncertain, but what stands certain is that it’s amazing…! I will do my best to give what I can, so, for Durarara!!SH as well, please give your support!

It was not mentioned in Volume 13 of Durarara!!, but these are the reasons why not Vamp! nor Baccano! will be produced but Durarara!! consecutively; and other than this other plans are in place for Durarara!!’s 10th anniversary.
There has been a collaboration with Morinaga’s famous Dars, the challenge of Niconico Novels, the adaption of the game for Playstation Vita, and more plans as well that I cannot say here – there will be many new forms of Durarara!! to be revealed, so Durarara!! fans, please look forward to it!

In addition, it seems that this year will be a year of change for me as well.
I do not know if it will be serialising yet when this book is published, but I will be tackling a serialisation in the weekly youth magazine of another company. It has been hectic working in a medium that operates on a completely different logic from novels, but I will do my best to learn from now on. If the serialisation has started when this book is published, it would be my pleasure if you were to pick it up, read it and enjoy it, and support it alongside Dengeki Bunko’s novels!
There are other uncertainties, but I would like to work hard on Dengeki’s novels with Durarara!! at the forefront. Conversely these activities make writing novels exciting, and I feel as if my writing speed has increased as well. Though that could just be me…

Last but not least, acknowledgments.
Sincere apologies to those at AMV’s printing department, especially the in-charge Papio-san, for rushing the drafts for the new series late…
For the new anime finally in the works, and the three comicalisations. To the anime staff, manga artists, and editors, everyone who has created and expanded the Durarara!! universe in various media.
Everyone who has looked out for me – family, friends, writers as well as illustrators.
Yasuda Suzuhito-san, for the amazing illustrations amidst his busyness with various work. I look forward to reading the Yozakura Quartet BD/DVD special collaboration manga with Durarara!! every time!
And most of all, to everyone who has picked up this new story, Durarara!!SH.
Thank you very much! I’ll be counting on everyone from now on as well!

March 2014
Ryohgo Narita


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