Durarara!!SH×4 Due 10 Feb

I forgot to make an official post about this—SH4 will be out on 10 February next year, though there has yet to be an official illustration. According to Narita’s tweet, the plan is to go back to non-Dura series after this. Baccano!/Vamp! fans may rejoice…!

Tweet: “This is late, but the fourth volume of Durarara!!SH will be on sale in February, thank you for the support…!! The plan is to publish something non-Durarara next, but as a plan is still just a plan do wait for the official announcement from the editorial dept.”

Gentle reminder that the Blogger blog will be locked on December 31st.

SH4 Synopsis (SH spoilers):

“Sonohara Hall, owned by Anri, now trashed. The suspect: a person who had just come seeking Saika. At the same time, Celty receives an assignment as a courier—”



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