Durarara!!SH×3: Contents & Colour Pages

T/N: NSFW illustration.

  1. Important: Special Terms
    There is a serial assaulter in this volume. The word is Tōrima, ‘Road Demon’—an assaulter who attacks random people. It is like the Slasher, but since it was hard to find an English equivalent, and it is sometimes awkward to say ‘serial assaulter’, I have translated it as ‘Slugger’ a la Paranoia Agent.
    Kigurumi, translated as ‘mascot suit’—think of those Pikachu onesies. I did not really want to translate it as ‘fursuit’.
  2. You may have trouble with the Twittia formatting in the interludes if your screen is not wide enough. It is formatted this way in the book (except the words are printed vertically since it’s Japanese).
  3. This volume contains spoilers for everything before. No further spoiler warnings will be provided.
  4. As I am uploading this entire volume in one chunk, there may be mistakes I have missed. Leave a comment if you spot any, thanks!




Prologue Let’s Take One Big Step
Chapter 1 Welcome to Snake Hands
Chapter 2 Let’s Live Purely and Righteously
Chapter 3 Our Ikebukuro Must Be Protected
Chapter 4 Go On Ahead, Leave This to Me


(Right to left)

“Kuu~! Damn it! What’s with snakes having legs! More isn’t always better! It makes me want to ask if they’ve heard too much of a cure becomes poison! It’s exactly in situations like this where people say less is more! Exactly! This situation! Exactly!”

‘What’s wrong all of a sudden. Yahiro-kun again?

“Yes, Celty! You know me so well! Our hearts are connected after all! What’s Celty’s is Celty’s, and what’s mine is all Celty’s, too, but your heart alone belongs to me, Celty!”



(Right to left)

“I don’t know how you know Yumasaki and Karisawa, and I’m not going to ask, but… Well, choose your friends wisely.”

“OPD did nothing wrong! Nothing!”

“Maybe it was the bad guy that influenced the criminal. He was dressed as Dark Owl, right?”


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