Durarara!!SH×3: Words of a Certain Informant

Words of a Certain Informant

I love humans.

It’s something I’ve said countless times before.
Hito LOVE. I love humans.
It might sound corny, but I’ll keep saying it.
I really do love humans, so I don’t know any other way to put it, anyway.
You could even say I’m a fan.
Yeah, a fan of humans.

“I’m a fan of humans!”
…There was a famous movie with this line, remember?
A demon played by a famous actor said it to provoke a very serious human boy; that he was a fan of humans.
I’m not a demon, just a typical human with no special abilities whatsoever, but I’m a fan of humans, too.
We could even say all humans are fans of humans. Don’t you think so?
To be a fan means to have a degree of fanaticism, after all; infatuation.
Humans are often infatuated by other humans.
There are probably people who would deny that.
Of course there are. That’s how humans should be.
There will be people who hate humanity more than they can bear, and people who could care less about humanity.
But even that hatred, even that apathy, is a form of ‘infatuation’.
Infatuation; that is to say, ‘heat’ and ‘madness’. Do you understand?
(*Infatuation(熱狂); heat(熱) + madness(狂))
To be maddened by the heat itself. To be maddened by exposure to the heat.
And also, sometimes—the heat within yourself goes mad.
The heat you have for other humans grows out of control.
There’s the overheated type, like me, that ends up loving humanity itself.
There’s the overfrozen type that hates humanity.
Even the type that, regardless of environ, remains neither hot nor cold, always lukewarm; that kind of heat modulation is mad in its own way.
To be in awe of nature, to feel the terror in being attacked by a wild beast… a personality that has undergone such things sometimes goes beyond human.
But the only thing that can alter the passion one has for humankind is humanity itself.
Let’s take an example; say there’s a man who says, ‘Everyone around me is tedious scum. Nothing is interesting.’
If you asked me, I’d say this person’s actually been strongly influenced by other humans.
Because the people around him have evoked the emotion of ‘tedium’ within him.
It’s easier said than done to exert a long-term emotional influence, you know?
If you’ve hated a kind of food since childhood, it’d be hard to change your tastes spontaneously, right?
For humankind to constantly evoke ‘tedium’ in this man must take quite some energy, I think.
Think about it.
Watching a lump of rock is boring, but that’s because the rock doesn’t move.
But humans are in constant motion. It’s in their nature that the more you look at them, the more facets you discover.
To constantly find them banal regardless takes some serious effort.
Does that sound like nonsense?
Well, that’s expected. I made it up on the spot.
To be honest, I don’t mind what others say.
What’s important is what I myself think, isn’t it?
I love humans. Yes; I Iove them.
So it’d be nice if humans love me back. I’ve said that in the past, too.
To have a mutual love with all of humanity would be a wonderful thing.
Whether their love is to have the kindness to accept me.
Whether it’s love that denigrates and hurts me.
Whether it’s love that ignores me.
Love has no form? Do you really think so? Really?
Love has a form. It’s simply that that form is ever-changing.
That’s what I want to prove to everyone.
In other words, I just want to associate with people. Move people around, churn the world up like natto, and entangle myself as much as I can with the human connections that result.
And because of that want, I became who I am now.

To be mutually infatuated is a good thing. A very good thing.
Even if law or society denounces it, I will always acknowledge it.
So you can be as infatuated as you wish.
You can love others, hate them, be dispassionate entirely.

Because all of those forms are equally valuable.




One thought on “Durarara!!SH×3: Words of a Certain Informant”

  1. Being frank here, if this was put into an episode, it would probably be in like an old recorder… Or with Shijima watching a recording of the guy.


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