Name Trivia II

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This is a short compilation of random name trivia. Some of this content may seem very old and familiar from my personal blog. Leave a comment if there’s a character you want, how’s that! 🙂


Tsukumoya Shinichi
‘Tsukumo’ is 99, ‘Shinichi’ is ‘true one’. This pronunciation of 99 is not used a lot; you see it in ‘tsukumogami’, which has two writings with their own meanings. Meaning 1: An inanimate object which, after a great many years, gains sentience. Meaning 2: Hair gone white with age (hence the fanon of Tsukumoya being white-haired). In both cases, the 99 refers to the passing of many years.

As mentioned in the story, ‘Four hundred-thousand’.

Blue Square nicknames
Other than Aoba, Kuon, and Yatsufusa, the names by which we know the Blue Square members are not their real names, but nicknames (confirmed in at least Vol 10, where ‘Neko’ is said to be a nickname). They are based off the names of different breeds of sharks. With ‘same/zame‘ meaning shark, we have the Blue Shark, Yoshikirizame, the Ghost Shark (specifically, the silver chimaera), Ginzame, the Thresher Shark, Nitari (the Nitari brothers; the thresher shark is known to have a tail as long as its body), the Bullhead Shark, Nekozame, and the Goblin Shark, Mitsukurizame. This is a cool detail often missed because it takes some research.

Aoba & Ran
I have put this in notes before, but here we have ‘Green Leaf’ and ‘Orchid’ respectively.

Horada’s name stems from the word horadabanashi, which means ‘boasting’.

Sharaku Mikage
‘Kage’ in Mikage and ‘ei’ in Eijirō are different pronunciations of the same word 影, meaning shadow/reflection. ‘Ichiro’ and ‘Jiro’ are ‘first son’ and ‘second son’, while ‘mi (beauty)’ is a common characters for girls’ names, so essentially the siblings were named with rather uncreative variations of the word ‘ei/kage’ (Eiichirō, Eijirō, Mikage).

Mikage-ishi, ‘mikage-stone’, is granite.

Awakusu Dōgen
Dōgen = source of the path/moral code/way

Shiki Haruya, Kazamoto Takaaki
Italicised are ‘spring’ and ‘autumn’, with that kanji.

Akabayashi ‘Mizuki’ and Aozaki ‘Shū’
Mizuki and Shū(ichi) are the protagonist contract killers in Dead or Alive 2: Birds. The kanji is different. The naming is probably intentional since Narita made the following tweets way back in 2010 (Yasuda is the illustrator):

“When entrusting Akabayashi’s design, I had just three words to say to Yasuda-san about his visual image. ‘ai kawa show'” (Link)

“Yasuda-san, sorry for making your job difficult. And thank you for the amazing illustration of Akabayashi…!! By the way Aozaki’s image (as imagined in my mind at the moment) is that of a hulk like Takeuchi Riki. …Wait, does that make Akabayashi and Aozaki Dead or Alive?” (Link)

The Dead or Alive trilogy have unrelated plots, but Aikawa Show and Takeuchi Riki act the main parts for every film. (Thanks to the person who provided all this movie information!)

Tree(木) + Winter(冬) make the word Shū(柊). Mizuki is ‘Sea(海mi)’ and ‘Moon(月zuki)’. Akabayashi is ‘Red forest’, but because Kazamoto also has autumn in his name, sometimes you see Akabayashi represented by summer in fanart and stuff.

Not sure if this is common knowledge already, but Kine = ‘Yellow Root’.



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