Durarara!!SH×4: Afterword

T/N: Still reading the book, but decided to translate this first—Narita speaks about the medical conditions affecting him last year that resulted in slower releases than usual (skip to “Now, regarding…”). I believe the skin condition and the kidney condition are related.

Mild spoilers (as to character appearances) in the first chunk. I think he mistyped the year at the end. As for the BD short stories, refer to the Epitome of 18 Histories translations.



Hello, thank you very much, this is Narita.
This volume had a touch of comedy not unlike Volumes 4 or 7 of the Durarara!! that came before SH; characters like Anri and Kuzuhara Kinnosuke made their first appearances in a long time, so I was a little nervous during the writing process.
A particular point is the final boss-type character that threw Celty into chaos in the Dura era, who I never thought would make a reappearance—but when looking at the script of the anime and such I found myself wondering if I should have that character interact with Celty in a calm state, and in the end did my best to accomplish that. Celty’s yell (in her case in text format) of ‘How can you show your face again?!’ was at the same time a reflection of my very own words when writing.
In any case, it would be nice to continue now and then writing these self-contained SH volumes of daily life events as seen in books 3 and 4; it would be my pleasure for readers to continue enjoying Ikebukuro’s everyday from now on as well!

Now, regarding this Durarara!! volume, the fact that it was written in a slightly different way from usual may interest some people. Actually, as of last autumn I contracted a medical condition known as ‘anaphylactoid purpura’, and also had mild inflammation of the kidney. They are not serious conditions, and it seems that treatment essentially involves waiting for natural recovery while preventing the situation from worsening.

Dermatologist: “Please rest as much as possible until it recovers naturally.”
Me: “It’s all right! I basically have a desk job!”
Dermatologist: “No, please rest.”
Me: “Eh!?”

And so it turned out that sitting did not count as rest, which actually constitutes lying down with my legs elevated—and hence I spent several months living horizontally in my bed at home.
As remaining lying down while being healthy in body and mind is itself difficult, I have taken to constantly using a certain application on a certain smartphone to write novels.
As such, the majority of this book was also written with a smartphone app (to avoid this being misconstrued as advertising, I will keep private what app it was in particular). Of course in the end I did properly brush up with a computer, so this shouldn’t have affected the quality… I think! (But I do feel disquieted about how to react if people say my writing on the smartphone is better…)
Because my condition has finally improved as of late I can now continue doing desk work; nevertheless the second half of last year brought my interesting first experience writing novels with a smartphone and at the same time the revelation, ‘…I didn’t think I could write this much.’
However naturally the process was slower than working at a desk and so there had to be reshuffling of the schedule, resulting in some delayed releases like this fourth volume of SH.
If there was anyone who had been looking forward to it, I am truly sorry for the wait.
Nonetheless, the more I got used to writing the more I could write, so even now when I have been cleared for desk work I end up writing on my smartphone even after going to bed at night, and I snicker thinking about how in the future I can write day and night regardless of timing.
Speaking of which, when I was on my rest period, I also wrote the debut of Shinra’s younger sister for the special short stories on the anime BD and DVD—

Right… the anime.
As the deadline comes along for the special volumes that have gone on for the past 18 months, finally the anime series Durarara!!×2 is on it’s last cour! Ketsu! That has started airing!
I was able to visit the last voice recording session,; the acting skills of everyone from the cast moved me nearly to tears, and a sense of revelation came over me that, ‘Ahh, Durarara!! is finally ending’.
I thank the anime staff led by Director Ōmori, and as a viewer myself I am truly happy to have enjoyed this story of Durarara!! from start to finish.
The Durarara!! world view will continue on with this SH series and the spinoff Orihara Izaya to… series, but it would be great if readers could also enjoy the Durarara!! reborn in anime to the end!
More on media adaptions: releasing on the same day as this book is the latest volume of Durarara!! Re: Dollars Arc and the comic adaption of first volume of  the Baccano! comic by Square Enix!
I would be glad if everyone could enjoy both Durarara!! and Baccano! novels alongside each other!

Finally, acknowledgments:
To the person in-charge Papio-san alongside everyone involved in the publication process, who I inconvenienced by having such a strange illness at an important time for the anime and affecting the release schedule and other things.
To the manga artists, staff, and cast who have produced anime, comics, goods, and other media for Durarara!!.
To my family, friends, fellow authors and illustrators who have always looked out for me.
To Yasuda Suzuhito-san who has brought life to the novels all along, introducing new charm to the characters each time he illustrates them, like Anri this time.
And most importantly, to the readers who have picked up this new volume of SH.
Thank you so much! Please take care of me from now on too!

(*Fiddling with a smartphone game lying down*)
January 2015
Ryohgo Narita


18 thoughts on “Durarara!!SH×4: Afterword”

  1. Good to see Narita is fine. But he wrote the entire time on his phone? That’s seriously amazing. As expected of him.

    Thanks for the translation as always, looking forward to the rest of the translation ^^


    1. No, she does not appear in SH4 (I doubt she will ever be introduced as a full-fledged character, since that would require novel fans to buy all the anime BDs). Anyway, as mentioned, please check out Epitome of Eighteen Histories.


  2. Ah, it’s making me exited for the SHx4! Can’t wait, and thanks for the translations…I read all of them from the first drrr SH just today lol XD


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