Durarara!!SH×2: Contents & Colour Pages

T/N: NSFW illustration




(Right to left)

Himeka: …I can’t go into the wall.

Yahiro: All I could do was break the walls that stood in my way.

Kuon: Walls are here for us to peek around. OK?

Kururi: …Wall (it’s impossible)…

Mairu: The wall of logic sure is thick~


Awakusu Akane had noticed.

That her desire to kill Heiwajima Shizuo in the past had now morphed into a sense of yearning.

However, at the same time she knew it was a want that could not be realised.

Because, in a sense, she and Shizuo lived in different worlds.

There was no longer any reason for her to defeat Shizuo.

There shouldn’t be.

Yet she continued to train herself.

As though aiming for the limits of humankind; no, perhaps even beyond them.

She wished.

To watch the object of her yearning from as close as possible.

To converse with Shizuo on the same eye level as much as it was possible.

It was not that she wished to be a romantic partner.

She merely wanted to see:

When he realised there was a human who could see him from an equal position—what kind of smile would Shizuo make?

She had found something worth devoting her life to, in seeking that one moment.

Maybe this was a dangerous path, one no human could possibly take.

But she continued to walk on it.

Believing that walking alongside the young man who had saved her in the past,

would be the truest form of repayment to him.


 Connecting Chapter
Chapter 5
A The Messenger
B The Genius (+Interlude)
Chapter 6
A The Visitors
B The Watcher (+Interlude)
Chapter 7
A The Successor (Part 1)
B The Successor (Part 2)
A The Creator
B The Avenger  |  Or: The Next Prologue



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