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(Latest updates: SH4 Ch2, Uchoten Prologue)

(On the plate: SH4, non-DRRR: The Eccentric Family/Uchoten Kazoku.)

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The Eccentric Family (Uchoten Kazoku): Prologue

T/N: Translating the original work by Morimi Tomihiko in honour of the second season of an incredible anime. I hope to do this work a sliver of the justice it deserves. (More notes to be attached with chapter one.)

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Hello! Quick notice, hopefully I don’t forget anything:

  1. No guarantee for translation updates for the next couple of months because real life is getting busy. If it’s any comfort, I have a pile of drafts in progress, so things should pick up after that.
  2. For now, please check out the Epitome of Eighteen Histories if you haven’t! They’re a series of side stories that come with the BD; the ones translated so far have no spoilers for one another. Essentially, gaiden for all your favourite characters.
  3. Durararash!!—for those who saw this on the @drrr_anime Twitter, just clarifying again that this has nothing to do with Durarara!!SH (note the subtle difference). It was the title of a Durarara!! event, pronounced Durara-rush. There was a bit of speculation that an anime for SH might be announced, but the event is over and it seems nothing like that occurred.

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