Durarara!!SH: Prelude



Snakes’ Legs (Da’Soku)

‘Etymology: A story in the Strategies of Qi in the Zhan Guo Ce (Strategies of the Warring States). In the olden Chinese state of Chu, in a competition to paint a snake in the shortest time, the painter first to finish went so far as to paint legs, resulting in his loss.’ Excess. A useless addition.

Digital Daijisen © SHOGAKUKAN Inc. 1995 1998 2012

This is a story of excess.
The Headless Rider. A colourless colour gang. A demon sword slashing humans to feed its love for humans.
The scars left on Ikebukuro by monsters of the supernatural.
As people imagined these monsters, fantasised about them, and were at times even infatuated by them – word of them continued on as urban legend.
The addition of the forelegs of a snake to this completed painting.
Perhaps pointless stories and people will be called forth.
As the unnecessary additions to this humongous serpent grown from urban legends.
But even so, we cannot forget.
That if the forelegs of the serpent were to evolve into arms, and if it were to have ‘hands’ that were to take hold of everything –
Sometimes snakes can become dragons.



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