Durarara!!SH: Contents & Colour Pages

T/N: NSFW illustration


Colour Pages


KURONUMA AOBA: “The city of Ikebukuro’s changed in the past two years, but I haven’t changed, you know? …for the most part.”

MIZUCHI YAHIRO: “I… wonder if I can change, in this city…”

KOTONAMI KUON: “The city’ll become interesting by our hands, yeah?”

TATSUGAMI HIMEKA: “So long as the Headless Rider remains, neither the city nor I can change.”



A The Ruffians
B The Eccentric
Chapter 1
A The Seeker
B The Visitor
Chapter 2
A The Missing
B The Gossipmonger
Chapter 3
A The Destroyer
B The Challenger
Chapter 4
A The Newcomers
B The Returnees
Connecting Chapter
The Outcast


Mairu: “If you get careless we’ll swallow you whole as well, hm~?”

Kururi: “… …”



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