Durarara!!SH: Blurb

T/N: NSFW illustration



“Once again, the twisted ones return to Ikebukuro—

One and a half years after the end of the Dollars. Ikebukuro now embraces a new wind.

Treated as a monster since childhood, moving to the capital from Akita infatuated by rumours of the Headless Rider: Mizuchi Yahiro. High school debut magnificently accomplished, with eyes on earning money off of the Headless Rider: Kotonami Kuon. Her sister gone missing in the midst of researching the Headless Rider: Tatsugami Himeka. These three, each with their own emotions, meet as they enter Raira Academy; and the extraordinary begins—

And an incident is occurring in Ikebukuro: all connected to the Headless Rider go missing. Dragged into this are the twin sisters with a missing brother; the boy still a key figure amongst delinquents; and the man in the bartender uniform, dubbed the most fearsome in Ikebukuro…

Presenting once more—Durarara!!”



One thought on “Durarara!!SH: Blurb”

  1. Thank you so much for translating this! I just finished Ketsu today and spent half the morning in agony as i suffer durarara withdrawal. And then I find this and I’m so grateful. Thank you.


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